Jiu Jitsu

Kid’s Brazilian Jiu jitsu

What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu? Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, or “BJJ” is a martial art that focuses on grappling and ground fighting techniques, and it emphasizes using leverage and technique to defeat opponents rather than relying on brute strength.

In our kids Jiu Jitsu program, your child will learn basic techniques and principles of “BJJ”, such as takedowns, submissions, escapes, and self-defense techniques. They will also learn important values such as respect, discipline, and perseverance, while developing social skills by working with other children and learning to follow instructions from instructors.

Overall, our kid’s jiu jitsu program will provide a fun and challenging way for your child to develop important physical, mental, and social skills, while also learning valuable self-defense techniques.

We also offer private training sessions customized to your child and their goals. Contact us today for more information! 

Benefits of Kid’s

Jiu Jitsu

  1. Improved physical fitness: Kids Jiu Jitsu will help your child develop strength, endurance, flexibility, and coordination.
  2. Self-defense skills: Kids BJJ also teaches children how to defend themselves in real-life situations.
  3. Improved focus and discipline: Jiu Jitsu requires focus and discipline, and practicing these skills in the gym will help children improve their ability to concentrate and stay on task.
  4. Increased confidence: By learning new skills and techniques and by improving their physical fitness, children will experience an increase in self-confidence.
  5. Teamwork and social skills: BJJ is generally practiced in pairs, so children will learn to work with and respect others, and they will develop important social skills. 

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