Vince Kroff

Jiu Jitsu Coach

About Coach Vince

“My martial arts journey started in middle school joining a mat club in Lincoln County, Oregon. I wrestled pretty extensively from 6th grade until my Sophomore year in high school. It was at this time that I began to focus 100% of my time on riding freestyle BMX that ended up taking me on a path that helped me tour the world and experience things I never would of had the opportunity to otherwise. In 2011 I broke my right elbow severely and my BMX career seemed to be in limbo. In an effort to get my body back in good working order I started training Jiu-Jitsu and MMA under under Dominic Parker and Steve Gable at the original Gracie Barra SD. During this time I competed religiously in grappling and took two amateur MMA fights. I transitioned to training full time at Atos HQ to focus strictly on competitive Jiu-Jitsu, where I earned my purple belt under Andre Galvao. After some time living the nomad life I found a home training under the Baret Submissions banner, where I earned my brown belt from grappling legend Baret Yoshida.

In my classes I look to build a foundation of solid fundamental techniques and movements with an emphasis on situational awareness for competition and the streets.”