Robert Budden

Muay Thai Coach

About Robert

Robert began his Muay Thai career in 2016 under Coach Andy Murad. He began his training at One Training Center, then 10th Planet Spring Valley, and joined the Switch Fitness family our first week of opening, in 2020.

“Sometimes MMA gyms can be intimidating, but at Switch Fitness we bring a welcoming and positive environment for all our members! My Muay Thai classes are a great workout while being fun and technical at the same time. Every week we cover different topics and combos to always keep class interesting and new. First we begin class with a warmup consisting of cardio, balance, and calisthenics. We then work on a variety of bag work, drilling, pads, and using shields. I end class with a group work out, cardio, and cool down.

In my 8am Strength and Conditioning class, I target different muscle groups and teach different styles of workouts. I also incorporate progressive workouts, whether it is increasing weight or adding extra movements to the prior exercise.

My motto: “We don’t get tired!” – RB3.X